Instructions + Maintenance


How to Keep Your Bike Balls on Tight

  1. Attach Bike Balls to seat rail. 
  2. Feed a zip-tie through the opening of silicone strap.
  3. Wrap the zip-tie around the back of the silicone strap, and push through the zip-tie head to close.
  4. Tighten zip-tie around silicone strap.
  5. Carefully trim the excess zip-tie length. 

We have designed the mounting strap directly into the silicone housing. The silicone strap wraps around a seat rail and then clips to itself. We've designed this mounting system to be secure enough to stay on as you ride through the city, while at the same time being easy to put on and take off.

Bike Balls also feature a system so that they can be semi-permanently attached to your bike to prevent thieves from stealing your 'Balls (don’t you hate it when that happens). Simply feed one of the supplied zip-ties through the opening in the mounting strap, securing it in its closed position. You can leave your Bike Balls mounted securely in this fashion as your run errands in the city. If you are doing a lot of riding in bumpy conditions (ie. mountain biking, BMX, etc) we recommend that you use the supplied zip-tie with your Bike Balls. 

The zip-tie can remain on even when it is time to replace the batteries.



How to re-power your bike balls

When performance starts to fade, follow the instructions below to replace the batteries: 

  1. Bend silicone back (towards the front)
  2. Pull out LED module. 
  3. Remove cover on LED module. Replace batteries with two new CR2032 battery cells, ensuring that the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are facing as illustrated above. Install cover back on LED module.
  4. Bend silicone back (towards the front)
  5. Insert LED module back into place. 

How to Clean your Bike Balls

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe your dirty Bike Balls