Bike Balls x Testicular Cancer Canada


We’re excited to announce that April is National Testicular Cancer Awareness month and we have partnered up with Testicular Cancer Canada to help spread the word.

Throughout the entire month of April a portion of our online sales will be donated to Testicular Cancer Canada. TCC strives to break the taboo surrounding testicular cancer and hopes to get everyone over the awkwardness of pawing at their balls. The more you paw, the earlier you find, the healthier your balls will be!

Testicular Cancer accounts for almost a third of cancers found in young men. It is the most prevalent cancer in men 15 to 39 years old according to Health Canada. The prevalence of this cancer has seen a steady increase since the 1900s and more so since the 1950s (a three to five-fold increase from 1950 to 2000)

We’re proud to be partnering up with such a great initiative and are excited for the many absolutely nuts events that TCC have planned this spring. 

Stay tuned to our community page for more updates and be sure to check out Testicular Cancer Canada for the ultimate guide to Testicular Cancer.

In the meantime, here's a quick tutorial you can try on your lunch break:

Balls out!
- Team BB